Charley Mom Restaurant is a small, intimate Chinese restaurant owned, managed and hosted by Johnny Chan. His family's background is rooted from Shanghai, but Johnny was born in Hong Kong, thus having a unique understanding of two flavors of Chinese food. He started working young in the restaurant business, working in David K's Cafe & Mr. Chow's in NYC before starting his own business of Charlie Mom Restaurant on 1st Ave, NYC. Johnny puts great care in product quality and precise tasting decisions for every item on his menu.

Success and experience growth led Johnny to streamline the business and move its location to Charley Mom Restaurant. With a top chef working and always improving food quality, Charley Mom is now focused primarily on high quality take-out food but also offering an exceptional dining experience.

Why spend more money at the market to cook your own Chinese food when you can just go to Charley Mom Restaurant and experience the finer side of Chinese cuisine? Charley Mom Restaurant is not only known as a neighborhood restaurant, but that of New York City's neighborhood restaurant!

Over 30 years in business! We promise to server our customers with delicious food, great prices and exceptional service! Thank you for continuing to support the small local businesses! Eat well and stay healthy!