House Specialties
1. Peking Duck (Half w. 5 Pancakes) $29.95 (Whole w. 10 Pancakes) $58.95
- A tender duckling grilled until crispy and then carved and served w. homemade pancakes & scallion, fresh cucumber and Hoisin sauce.

2. * General Tso's Chicken $17.95
       General Tso's Shrimp $19.95
       General Tso's Tofu $15.95
- Crispy chunks of chicken sauteed in our chef's sauce.

3. * Sa Cha Chicken $17.95
       Sa Cha Beef $18.95
       Sa Cha Shrimp $19.95
- Sauteed w. mixed vegetables in our special Chinese B.B.Q. sauce.

4. Sesame Chicken $17.95
    Sesame Beef $19.95
     Sesame Shrimp $19.95
-Crispy chunks of chicken or filet of beef sauteed in our chef's special sesame sauce.

5. Crispy Whole Fish (Sea Bass) $29.95
-Fresh whole sea bass deep fried till crispy. Chef's special fish sauce on the side.

6. * Charley Mom Chicken $17.95
       Charley Mom Shrimp $19.95
-Strips of chicken nested in rice noodles w. garlic & black bean sauce.

7. Chicken Imperial $17.95
-Shredded white meat chicken, snow peas and Chinese mushrooms, topped with white fried noodles.

8. Fresh Chinese Broccoli w. Chicken $17.95
    Fresh Chinese Broccoli w. Beef $18.95
    Fresh Chinese Broccoli w. Shrimp $19.95
-Slice of chicken or beef or shrimp sauteed w. Chinese long green fresh broccoli, ginger & scallions in our chef's special sauce.

9. * Chicken Shanghai $17.95
- Slice of white meat chicken sauteed w. black mushroom, snow peas, Chinese cabbage in spicy & Sweet Shanghai style sauce.

10. * Dr. Chromatic Chicken $18.95
-Shredded white meat chicken, snow peas, carrot w. sherry sauce, shredded white meat chicken & snow peas in garlic sauce.

11. Baby Bok - Choy Sauteed w. Chicken $17.95
       Baby Bok - Choy Sauteed w. Beef $18.95
       Baby Bok - Choy Sauteed w. Shrimp $19.95

12. *Crispy Orange Beef $19.95
        Crispy Orange Chicken $17.95
-Crispy filet of beef or chicken in a sauce of tangerine and spices, shredded white meat chicken & snow peas in garlic sauce.

13. Charley Mom Steak $21.95
-Pan fried sirloin with mixed vegetables in a steak sauce.

14. Scallops w. Sauteed Beef $26.95
-Tender scallops & beef, sauteed w. shitake mushroom, snow peas, and broccoli in brown sauce.

15. Sirloin Steak & Shrimp w. Vegetable $29.95

16. * Shrimp Basil w. Vegetable $19.95

17. * Chicken Basil w. Vegetable $17.95

18. * New Tze Shrimp $19.95
         New Tze Chicken $17.95
-Deep fried shrimp or chicken in a hot sauce with vegetables.

19. Chicken w. Lobster Sauce $17.95

20. Velvet Shrimp $19.95
-Sauteed prawns and vegetables with a delicate wine and egg white sauce.

21. Shrimp & Chicken w. Vegetable $26.95
-Shrimp & chicken sauteed w. assorted vegetable brown sauce.

22. Fruits of the Seas $26.95
-Harmony of seafood w. snow pea pods, broccoli, mushrooms, water-chestnuts and on a sizzling platter.

23. * Mixed Seafood in Garlic Sauce $26.95

24. Soft Shell Crabs $26.95
-Choice of sauteed with black bean, garlic or ginger scallion sauce.

25. Happy Family $26.95
-Jumbo shrimp, chicken, beef, roast pork w. vegetable in brown sauce.

* Hot and Spicy; spicing may be altered upon request. All entree served with white or brown rice.